Saturday 1 November 2014

NaNoWriMo Begins - Day One

It's the month we've all been desperately waiting for and dreading in equal measure - it's National Novel Writing Month. It's going to be a crazy month with work, blogging, exercising, socialising and now novel writing on my agenda - but I couldn't be more excited!

...And more petrified. Did I mention that I was petrified?!

I've got quite a busy day today, however I'm determined to get down at least 5,000 words as a base. I've already got quite a few notes in different journals and on my phone for plot twists and potential scenes, so hopefully it just be a case of writing those up today so that I can ease myself into the routine.

I've already had a little look at the NaNoWriMo sprint Twitter  and the writing prompts and words on encouragement seem like the ideal place for me to spend some time today. 
Alongside writing, I'm going to start a fitness regime today and will be heading to a fancy dress party tonight as a zombie pin up girl. (I've got my face blood and face paints at the ready!)
I'll be doing weekly updates every Saturday about my NaNoWriMo journey and how I'm finding it. Feel free to join me! 
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  1. Good luck with the writing - I'll be looking forward to reading your update posts! :)

  2. You should upload a pic of your halloween outfit! It sounds really interesting!



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