Book Challenges

2015 Challenge:

From January to June I'm on a six month book buying ban. The rules are simple I can still receive books from friends as presents and from authors/publishers for review purposes, however I'm unable to request them.

I am also allowed to buy books as gifts for other people but I am unable to buy books for myself in an attempt to read a large number of unread books on my bookshelf.

I will also attempt to read 40 books this year as a part of my Goodreads reading challenge. 

2014 Challenge:

Each month I shall read a book from the following authors:

  • January: Lewis Carroll
  • February: Francis William Bourdillon
  • March: Shakespeare
  • April: William Wordsworth 
  • May: Shakespeare
  • June: Mark Twain
  • July: F Scott Fitzgerald
  • August: Rudyard Kipling
  • September: Amelia E Barr
  • October: F Scott Fitzgerald
  • November: Robert Burns
  • December: Wilkie Collins

    I'm also going to be taking part in the GoodReads Challenge and planning on reading 25 books this year. 

    1. Oooh, a literary calendar I haven't seen yet, how cool! :D I could of those names I don't recognize and only a few have I actually read. What a great goal you've set! I love YA but I also love period dramas. I really need to branch out my reading (like you're doing) and embrace more literary classics.

    2. Ooh I hope you enjoy December! Wilkie Collins is one of my favourite authors (as well as Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas). The Woman in White is my favourite of his works - I'd recommend it to everyone!
      Beth x


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