Wednesday 6 August 2014

Lolito by Ben Brooks - Book Club Review

Lolito by Ben Brooks
A few month ago a blogger friend of mine, The Girl in the Moonlight and I, decided to have our very own book club! We picked a book out of a hat after suggesting three books each, which led us to Lolito by Ben Brooks. (It turns out that we both wanted to read it after Youtuber, Carrie Fletcher recommended it - complete fan girls!)

We sent each other regular emails about our thoughts while we were reading it and I must admit, I haven't enjoy a book so much in a long time. I completely sped through the story and ended up finishing it in a couple of days.

The plot is a modern day take on Lolita written by Vladimir Nabokov. The genders are switched in Lolito and it becomes a story about a young boy, Etgar who embarks on a intimate relationship with a much older woman, Macy.
On the surface, a story about a fifteen year old and a forty-something seems outrageously wrong, but Ben handles the sensitive subject matter in such very positive way. He presents Macy as a good person, but who also seems depressed and confused. Etgar and Macy are both lost and going through tough times in their lives and they find solace in each other, and that makes the relationship hard to question despite how uncomfortable it should make you feel.

In fact, it was Etgar that manipulated Macy into believing that he was older than what he was, which eliminates any thoughts of Macy being a paedophilic predator. This book completely questions your ethics and were you stand morally and I always give high recommendations to books that make you think.

Make sure you read The Girl in the Moonlight's review here.

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  1. this book and the twist on lolita sounds amazing! i've never heard of it before but now i'm adding it to my to-read list! :)
    amelia from wonder reads

    1. Oh it's incredible. This review is mainly focused on the moral of the story, but there are so many other amazing themes. Technology and social media plays a huge part too. It's brilliant. I'd highly recommend it :) x

  2. I love you reviews! One of the first book bloggers I have come across on here! You can bet that I will be reading Lolita and Lolito before I go back to college!



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