Wednesday 27 August 2014

Review: Deadlands by Lily Herne

Deadlands by Lily Herne*
Life for Lele is beyond bizarre - she lives in an enclosure in Cape Town and outside of the large fence zombies roam free in the suburbs, known as the Deadlands. The low hum of their murderous groans is now the backdrop to her life. 

The living are watched over by a mysterious cult called the Guardians. They dress in robes and their faces are always hidden. They escort the deceased to the Deadlands and keep the living at bay by enforcing strict rules. Each year they stage a human Lottery that selects five teenagers to be sent outside of the enclosure for a secret task. It's highly sought after with a lot of teens aspiring to be picked - but not Lele. She has her doubts and seems to be the only one who questions the motives of the Guardians. What could they possible want with all these teenagers?! 

Written by mother-daughter writing duo under the name of Lily Herne, this book provides mystery, suspense and heart racing fight scenes that you'd expect from a zombie drama. Think The Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead.
Deadlands is the first of the series and is the first young adult zombie book I've read. This book serves as an introduction to all of the different characters (some of which you'll grow very attached to) and the backdrop of post-apocalyptic Cape Town.
I loved this book and I can't wait to read the rest in the series! 

*Thanks to Constable Robinson for sending me this book to review! 

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