Thursday 20 February 2014

Free Kindle e-book with Galaxy chocolate!

As some of you may already be aware Galaxy chocolate have teamed up with Amazon, and are offering a free Kindle e-book with every chocolate bar brought. When I first heard of this campaign I couldn't contain my excitement, books AND chocolate?! What could be better?! 

What I didn't prepare myself for was how hard these bars actually are to find! I eventually found some yesterday in my local WHSmiths after about two weeks of searching. So if you see any of these on your travels I'd suggest grabbing as many as you can! 

Once you actually manage to find some, there's a little code that can be found inside the wrapper that can be swapped for one of ten books including Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (which I've been wanting to read since finishing Gone Girl) and I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk. Full list of books can be found here.

It's an amazing offer and I wanted to blog about it so all of my fellow book bloggers and book lovers were aware of it. Yesterday I ended up buying four bars, so for just over £3, I've got four books and four chocolate bars. Too bad I have to eat all of the chocolate to get the book code... Damn... Unlucky me!

I'd recommend that as soon as you find one of these special bars, you snap them up quickly. Happy hunting! 
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  1. That IS a winning combination! Do they have some sort of a sticker on them or something? I bought a Galaxy bar about a week ago but I don't think it had any code on or in it :(

    1. If the bar has the little pink bit with a picture of a kindle on, then it'll have a code in. They're annoyingly hard to find, so as soon as you find somewhere the stocks them buy as many as you can!!

  2. Ooh I'm going to have to look for these! May get some tomorrow ;)

  3. I'm glad you managed to find some, I struggled at first but found them in Wilkos for 59p each, which isn't bad for a chocolate bar and a book! :)

    I'm starting to see them more places now, well the large bars at least so hopefully soon there'll be pink banners everywhere xx

    1. Oh, let's hope they start selling them in lots of different places so there can be free books for everyone! :) xx


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