Sunday 15 June 2014

The Good Children - Roopa Farooki Review

The Good Children, as the title suggests, explores themes of obedience and duty. The book follows the lives of four siblings, two sisters and two brothers, and how they each come to terms with the crippling amount of responsibility and expectations their mother forces upon them.
The novel fully exposes each of their lives from childhood to parenthood. The character arches and psychological complexity of each is completely outstanding. There are so many different people in this book, and for each one to be emotionally and mentally whole, it's a credit to Roopa. 
One of the main aspects of this book that I enjoyed the most was the relationship the siblings shared. Although all very different characters, they shared an unspoken and unbreakable bond. They have all experienced the weight of their cold mother's expectations and no one else in their world would understand that as well as each other. 
I enjoyed this book, and my only criticism is that it's quite a long read to say that it was based purely on relationships, as opposed to a bigger event. Other than that, a very good read, with very interesting characters. 
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  2. I really love to read about different cultures and families, so this book is something I'd be interested in! Thank you for making me aware of it :-) - now added to my Goodreads shelves lol x


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