Sunday 14 September 2014

Showcase Sunday #13: Roald Dahl Day

 Showcase Sunday is hosted by the lovely Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea. It's a chance for bloggers to show of their weekly book swag and an opportunity to meet other bloggers and talk about all things bookish!
Happy Sunday, bookworms. 
I hope you're all having an incredible day - I'm hopefully going to have a productive day as I'm going to attempt to tackle my bookshelf. I'm planning to move out with my boyfriend soon and the amount of books I own is a little ridiculous, so I'm finally going to challenge the great big book piles and wittle them down to my favourites. 

Having said that, I bought two new hardbacks yesterday, so I'm not off to a great start! As a lot of you will know it was Roald Dahl Day yesterday and like so many others, his stories had a huge impact on my childhood. I've been wanting to buy a library of his children's stories for a while, however yesterday I decided that I'd invest in two of my childhood favourites in hardback instead.
I found these lovely illustrated editions at Waterstones in the 'buy one, get one half price' offer. I couldn't race to the counter quick enough - especially seen as I bagged the last Matilda on the shelf! I'm really looking forward to revisiting his work as an adult - particularly with these two as they still remain my favourite Roald Dahl stories. 

As well as my lovely new books, I picked up a lovely red hair bow from Forever 21 yesterday to add the finishing touch to my Snow White birthday outfit - I'm having a Disney/Pixar themed night out next month and I also used up some Boots points and bagged myself a free Barry M lipstick. 
I'd love to know what books you've bought, borrowed or received this week - leave your Showcase Sunday links in the comments or tweet them to me. 

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  1. Ooh, your night out sounds fun!
    I used to love Roald Dahl when I was little, but by the time I was 10 I was more into Harry Potter and my love has never rekindled.
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess

    1. Haha. I think that probably happened to a lot of people. Harry Potter seemed to steal a lot of people away. :) x

  2. I jut stumbled onto your blog and I love it! Thank you for introducing me to Showcase Sunday - I can't wait to read through all of the recommendations!
    As for Roald Dahl, I have to agree with Cora - despite being trained as a primary teacher (where Dahl is hailed as a god, basically), I've never really been fond of his novels. The BFG film gave me nightmares for months, so I'll blame that! I did watch Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory on Sunday though, so that will have to be my concession to Roald Dahl Day.
    Beth x

    1. Glad you like my blog, Beth. Looking forward to seeing your own Showcase Sunday's soon! :) x


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