Tuesday 6 May 2014

Bank Holiday Round Up #1

I hope everybody has as much fun as I did during the bank holiday weekend.

I spent it in Tamworth visiting my boyfriend and his family. Here's a round up of some of the photographs I took over the weekend. (See, I told you I'd be taking more photos!

1. I've been spending a lot of time on my laptop writing blogs for BEDM and reading everybody else's posts.

2. I treated myself to a lovely mint green playsuit from New Look - I couldn't resist!

3. My boyfriend cooked me one of my favourite dinners, pasta puttanesca. (I also found out that this dish is nicknamed 'Tart's Spaghetti', because puttanesca means 'lady of the night' in Italian...) 

4. I munched a double veggie burger in the sunshine at a friend's BBQ on Sunday.

5. And on the evening my boyfriend and I went to the pub to see his dad preforming at open mic night.

6. We had a relaxed time on Monday wondering around town and sitting the castle grounds - which are beautiful this time of year (even if my hay fever didn't agree!)

A very good bank holiday weekend for me! What did everybody else get up to? 

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  1. Ahhhh BEDM is on again? I must have missed it! Good luck with blogging every day! Your bf sounds like a keeper by the way with cooking like that :)
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea


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