Tuesday 15 April 2014

Precious Thing by Colette McBeth Review

Precious Thing by Colette McBeth*

Precious Thing is the debut novel by former BBC news correspondent, Colette McBeth. It's a psychological thriller that explores the complexities of female friendships. 

The book focuses on Rachel and Clara who are old school friends. Anybody who's had a best friend can relate to their relationship. When they were younger they thought that nothing could tear them apart. But as they got older, they grew apart. Rachel is now a successful TV crime reporter, and when she is sent to cover a story of a woman's disappearance she has no idea that it's her oldest friend is the "star" of the case. 

This book got quite a few comparisons to Gone Girl, and I can see why. There are many twists and turns, and was unable to predict the ending. I had a "mind-blown" moment whilst reading the last chapter which I really enjoyed!

The language wasn't as well written in certain parts. There is also some grammatical errors which sometimes reduced my enjoyment of the book as rather than being wrapped up in the story, I was mentally editing sentence structure.

That being said, the plot was so gripping and the characters were well-rounded. Relationships were fully explored and I genuinely didn't suspect what happened in the end. I think you can tell that Precious Thing is Colette's first novel, however she has a great imagination and captures emotions so well that I can forgive the occasional language mistakes.

I'm looking forward to reading her next book as I see a lot of potential in her writing. 

*Thank you to BookBridgr for sending me this copy to review! 

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  1. Again, this isn't a book I'd normally read but I've added it to my list! I hate grammatical errors in books...very distracting.



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