Wednesday 21 January 2015

Writing Wednesday: 5 resources


Who else has been lazy since completing/participating in NaNoWriMo? Don't worry, you're not the only one! I doubt I've even looked back at my words twice since finishing. I've rewritten some pieces and have read a few storytelling books, but I'm not writing often enough for my liking!

In order to kick that in the butt I'm introducing Writing Wednesday to my blog. These posts will always be about writing, whether it's tips, resources or - gulp - my own extracts. (I'm still contemplating whether I'm brave enough for that yet, though!)

I doubt this will be a weekly feature, just as and when I feel like it, but I will definitely be posting more creative writing posts as well as my usual book reviews and lifestyle posts. So, for my first Writing Wednesday, let's take a look at some of the super helpful resources you can find online to help you tell your stories.

I love the 'How to write a novel in 30 days' section of the website. It's filled with author interviews, hints and tips and incredibly helpful worksheets. I've been making my way through them for a while, and they've become invaluable when planning and researching for your story.

Not only does this website have so many pep talks from authors, but a members forum. Oh man, this feature was invaluable when I was trying to write 50k words in just one month. It's full of people from all over the world that are in the exact same situation as you are. I've only ever met friendly and insightful people on there. It's like a little community.

Amandaonwriting is such a great page and one of the main reasons I started using Tumblr again. It's filled with writing prompts and inspirational quotes that are bound to get you excited about creating stories and poems.

This page lists 100 questions to ask your main character from the important to the mundane. The more you know about your protagonist, the more their individual voice will shine through. A great way to start writing and to deepen your characters personality is to interview them. Try it - it's fun!

Not really a resource but an incredibly helpful (and cute!) tool. For every 100 words you write, an adorable photograph of a kitten pops up. This is perfect for when you just don't feel like writing. (and when you want to look at photographs of kittens, for me - that's often!) Don't like cats? Not a problem. You can change the settings to either puppies or bunnies. Prepare to squee!

 What tools do you use to help you write?
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  1. This list is great Amanda! I love writing, but as a perfectionist I'm often too scared to put my thoughts down on paper. I already have an idea for NaNo this year though, so I'm hoping I might actually finish (for the first time ever!). Thank you so much for these resources - I can't wait to search through Amanda Patterson's tumblr.
    Beth x

    1. I'm the exact same and I think that's why I haven't written much towards my actual story idea yet. We'll get there though, I'm sure of it. :) x

  2. Character questions always stress me out way too much! I've force myself to do them for my characters and those are always the ones that seem most alive to me. I love doing it so much with them. But again, in the back of my mind, there is a voice constantly complaining that its 100 questions and that I probably won't use all of that information anyway but I love it!

    You should really post some of your own writing! I sometimes share some of my own and even if no one comments its still feels good to make something you feel comfortable presenting to your internet friends!

    ~Cielo |


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