Tuesday 1 April 2014

April Book Challenge: William Wordsworth - Everyman's Poetry

We're officially a quarter of the way through 2014. This year is going far too quickly for my liking, although it's been a good one so far! 

Hands up if you've been tricked by an April fool today. Both of my hands are proudly raised in the air. I was silly enough to believe that there had been a sunflower invented with a USB port inside the stem. Not my finest moment...

It's also that time of the month when I pick out a new book to read. As a part of the 2014 book challenge, I'll be reading a book from the writer displayed on my Waterstones Literary Quote calendar.

I really like the design of this month's quote. I'm really looking forward to seeing flowers start to spring up all over the place. There is something magical about the spring time.

I'll be reading a collection of poems by William Wordsworth this month. I've not come across many of his poems before. As far as I'm aware, he wrote a lot about nature and the changing seasons, which is perfect for this time of year.

It'll be nice to get some poetry back in my life. I'll be sharing out some of my favourites on the blog as I'm reading through the collection.

What are you planning on reading this month? Alongside this, I want to finish Precious Thing by Colette McBeth and Before I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson, that was given to me today by a friend of mine. 

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  1. Um...a sunflower with a USB port? Hahahahaha. That is the best thing I've heard.

    I was fooled by the 'Vegemite' FB page posting about their new energy drink. I was appalled!

    This month I'm reading 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius. I've never read anything philosophy-related before but I'm really enjoying it. My partner has a degree in Eng Lit and Philosophy so it gives us something else to talk about too.

    I've never gotten into poetry, but I hope you enjoy this book! xo

    1. I studied philosophy for my first year of college. I found it so interesting, but very hard to study.

      I used to love poetry, but since finishing my English Lit studies at college, I haven't had much time to read it as I've always favoured fictional books. I'm looking forward to getting back into it :) xx


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